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We are a dynamically developing cleaning company with strong customer orientation and years of experience. We provide responsible and quality cleaning services in line with the latest trends and international standards, including COVID-19 antivirus cleaning to avoid infection at work. We consider the quality and satisfaction of the customer to be an essential aspect of cooperation and a reflection of our commitment.



We are proud of the continuity of our high quality services, the expertise we have accumulated over the decades, and the loyalty and motivation of our employees. We see our work as an important building block of our society. We know how much work is behind this craft and we are proud of our hard-working cleaning professionals.

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We are characterized by quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsiveness. We inspire together with our staff. We understand that only satisfied and well-trained staff ensure the quality of the services we offer.


The actions of our employees, managers and suppliers are based on our policies. These are based on the values of our company and the social and legal framework. Our Code of Conduct creates an orientation framework that is binding on everyone and applies wherever we operate.

Why what?

Our company is insured and the insurance covers the liability for damages incurred in connection with cleaning and institutional activities.


We use technologies that promote the cleanliness, orderliness, aesthetics and healthy atmosphere of the rooms. For different surfaces, the appropriate cleaning materials and tools are used.


After viewing the rooms to be cleaned and discussing the cleaning needs, we will give you a unique quote.

A satisfied customer is a goal that encourages us to provide first-class services and continues to strive to improve them.


We work with a cleaning team of selected staff. Discretion and accuracy are important to us. We choose people who pay attention to and love their work.


The projects launched will be carried out as soon as possible in pursuit of perfection

We always try to approach the client individually and listen to his needs. We strive to uphold the mrsclean values that we set out to be at the beginning.


We adapt to your needs regarding the schedule and the selection of cleaning tasks. We can do the cleaning on weekends, if it suits you.


We take into account the parameters of the given office and business premises and the required cleaning aspects, so we can give a fair price individually.

Who do we like to clean?

Professional cleaning for private clients

Have you ever thought about a professional spring or autumn cleaning? Our qualified male and female experts are happy to take on this job for you. It doesn't matter if it's a kitchen, garage or cellar. Soon the rooms will shine with new clarity. We thoroughly clean upholstered furniture, living areas and beds. You know for sure how much dust sits on the vertical shutters during the heating season. Our team will take care of this as well.

We are also happy to help the elderly with our special service for the elderly, be it shopping, cooking or working around the house.

Our specialists can replace private cleaning assistance. Depending on the layout, we clean your private rooms 1-5 times a week according to the cleaning plan you have prepared with you. This includes dedusting, caring for upholstery, cleaning floors and windows, as well as cleaning doors and walls.

More than a cleaning company

In addition to the comprehensive cleaning service, Misisclean can also be booked for courier and delivery tasks.

Reliable office cleaning for corporat customers

We specialize in moving cleaning, maintenance cleaning, building cleaning, cleaning of cleaners, office cleaning, facilities management and much more!

Cleaning Clean service Mrsclean uses state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

With our site cleaning work for companies and individuals, we help you in every situation with professional cleaning. We take care of it, protect it and preserve its values.

The services of our cleaning company convince you too!

No matter if you want office cleaning, basic cleaning, car cleaning or facility management, Mrsclean's team is a reliable partner for cleanliness and hygiene. Discuss the cleaning work you want with us. We provide a clean workplace, which is provided by regular office or building cleaning

Ensuring conscientious institutional cleaning

Looking for housekeeping? Our caretaker specialists are the perfect solution for maintaining your property. 

With our services, we offer everything from stair cleaning to complete house maintenance or service of the facility from a single source. With our caretaker specialists, we will carry out the maintenance or cleaning of you or your represented institution in the best quality.


Mrsclean specializes in cleaning and performing various facilities and institutions. In accordance with the needs of our customers, we have expanded our scope of activities with other building operating services. In the course of our work we try to get to know the customer's needs thoroughly and adapt to them as perfectly as possible. We undertake the performance of our work in an impeccable quality, taking into account your needs. 

The work undertaken is carried out by a sufficient number of qualified staff, who are morally and financially sound, for whom we assume responsibility as their employer.


Rita Kurkó

Owner / Managing Mrsclean Group

Cleaning, cleaning woman! Everyone thinks of the simplest female task and the simplest job. it's not at all, far from it!

A few years ago, I did my cleaning company, because I've always loved order and cleanliness, and I thought I could help others with it!

We mostly do cleaning, which includes cleaning every single surface, inside and out, behind and below furniture, and including windows!

You'd think how simple it was, we'd just get started and that's it. It's not at all, if we don't have the system, we can really slip with time and miss a lot of things!

Our reference works...

They said it was about us.

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"I can only thank you and the rest of the helpful team who provided me with a 5 star service. It's hard to choose the right one from many companies as I couldn't stay at home with them I was a bit nervous because I paid for something I won't see first hand but didn't have to worry at all! Thank you very much!""

"The cleaners arrived exactly and completed the agreed requests on time. They did a very thorough job, overall I am satisfied with the service and would recommend it to others without hesitation."

"The cleaners were very punctual and polite. Administrative and management support was also very helpful and clear in the advice."

"I would like to say how pleased I was to see Ildiko clean my kitchen. It wasn't an easy task, the kitchen was full of fat from my tenants, so I was very happy that it was able to remove the fat and it was all raging again! When I use the service again, I want him to come!"

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